Hey Unicorn lovers!

Out with the old, new decade has started and everything is ready for a change.

Are you so freaking bored of sleeping in the same lame bedroom every single day? Let Unilovers™ add some magic to make your bedroom turn out to be a splendid one. Here are some of the ideas for a super trendy Unicorn bedroom that we highly recommend:

1. The mixture of rainbows and pastels:

Bold rainbows, cute pastels, and endless glitter and fairy lights. The unicorn bedroom trend is unapologetically girly and it’s one of the few bedroom trends that appeal to children of all ages. From babies and toddlers who are mesmerised by the explosion of colour, all the way up to teens who dream of having a cool nest that’s Instagram-worthy. 

Unicorns are universally loved.

2. Personalized Wall Stickers:

Talking of minimalism, this beautiful bedroom brings us the exact opposite. It’s unashamedly busy – yet it doesn’t feel muddled or chaotic in any way. The coordination of colors and thoughtfully personalized unicorn wall stickers bring a surprising sense of adorableness. For kids who adore the color pink and dream about fairy tale creatures in their sleep, this is the ultimate hangout.

If you’ve got a large space to fill, a wall with this Unicorn personalized wall sticker can make a stunning feature. It’s also a fun way for kids or teens to personalize their corner of the world.

Check out our collection of Unicorn Wall Sticker here

3. Amazingly Personalized Unicorn Bedding Set:

As you may know, Unicorn Bedding Set is one of the major trends of 2019 and yet still constantly viral until now. The Unicorn manifests itself in many different ways and the scope of it is endless. When combined with the Unicorn bedroom trend, it is magically related as an ideal sheet in heaven for any teenagers who are inspired by unicorn!

With these Unicorn Bedding Sets, your child will insanely run around with glee and they will definitely be able to enjoy this unicorn mural for years to come.

Which is your favourite unicorn bedroom idea? Tell us the one you’d like to recreate in the comments below! Or if there’s another interior trend you’re swooning over at the moment, let us know – we’d love to hear all about it.

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